Under Cabinet Lighting

As Des Moines based electricians for the last 20 years, our team at Deaver Electric Inc has seen lots of changes in the ways we light our homes. In the 1970’s, whenever you would walk into a home, you would see lots of switched outlets & globe-type single incandescent bulb fixtures. In most basements it was common to find fluorescent lights and occasionally in kitchens, but rarely beyond those spaces. It was clear that back then, lighting was not the highest priority when it came to the home’s budget.

When you walk into most homes in 2020, you will likely see a wide variety of lighting options. From LED recessed lighting, fancy chandeliers, under-cabinet, above-cabinet, in-cabinet, and landscape lighting, homeowners have plenty of options. At Deaver Electric, many of the fixtures we install are integral LED fixtures with a selector switch so you can select what light color you want. If you are a fan of warm light? Choose (27K) Kalvin. If you prefer bright white light? That’s (4-5K) Kalvin. Lucky for us, technology has evolved to the point where you can choose what you prefer, or go back and forth until you figure it out.

Many homeowners are surprised at the difference the color temperature (Kalvin) rating makes in your home. A simple change in lighting can make the walls appear a different color, and the cabinets look a different finish. We recommend finding the color that’s most appealing to you and sticking with it throughout your entire home.

One of the most popular items we have been installing recently is under cabinet lighting. Installing under cabinet lighting is one of the most affordable ways to transform your kitchen space. It adds extra lighting for the different, everyday tasks that take place on your kitchen countertops. LED tape light is our preferred type of under cabinet lighting. It provides uniform lighting throughout the kitchen and is dimmable so you can also use it as a night light.

Deaver Electric has the experience and know how to help If you have existing under cabinet lighting, too. Maybe it needs updating, or you’re interested in adding to it. We’ll provide you with the lighting that fits your needs. Contact our team of lighting experts to discuss your lighting needs and we will work with you and your budget to find a solution. We look forward to speaking soon!