Outdoor Lighting

One reason for outdoor lighting installation is for aesthetic purposes. Maybe you have a beautiful wrap-around porch you want to show off, or your landscaping is so immaculate that it’s a shame it can’t be seen at night. As a whole, outdoor lighting such as string lights, solar lights, porch lights, or patio lights, will enhance the appearance of your home, and welcome guests with open arms.

Just like indoor lighting, there are so many options to consider when looking at lighting for the exterior of your home. Our advice – have fun with it! You can play up landscaping features, put emphasis on your front door, and even stave off burglars with well-placed floodlights.

There’s no secret as to why burglars prefer low-lit homes. It’s easier to hide in the shadows, to move from place to place, and to get away without being seen. Low voltage lighting can be used to illuminate entrances and access points, while also adding beauty to your home. It’s a win-win.

Sitting out on your patio, or using your pool at night becomes a whole lot easier when you can actually see. Installing additional exterior lighting is an easy way to get more out of your outdoor space — and not to mention prevents slips and falls.

We’d love to hear about your outdoor lighting ideas and wishes! Our experienced team will help you come up with a plan, and then execute it with precision and professionalism. Deaver is the outdoor lighting electrician and contractor to call in Des Moines and the surrounding area. Call us at 515-620-2629 or fill out the online form to get started.

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