Home Additions

When you’re planning a project as large as a home addition, it’s essential to prioritize a detailed plan — and an electrical contractor can be an important part of that plan. If you’re adding any special systems such as built-in surround sound or home theatre to your new space, you may want to consider having an electrical home addition contractor as part of your team. Deaver Electric can fill that role, working closely with your general contractor to ensure the final product turns out just as you envisioned.

It’s best to involve an electrical contractor from the beginning to make sure you don’t run into additional problems or costs once your project is underway. We’ll take a look and tell you if you’ll need an updated electrical panel, which is common in older homes, recommend the right products for the job, and create an electrical wiring diagram showing exactly where outlets and light switches will be placed.

With such a big remodel, you want to get it right the first time and Deaver understands that. That’s the very reason we go above and beyond to make your big dreams become reality. It’s that kind of service that makes you call on us again and again. Call Deaver today to get your home addition started or check out the other residential services we offer.

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