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Each of our electricians employed at Deaver Electric in Des Moines is certified and classified as an apprentice, journeyman, or master electrician. They undergo continuing education and get re-licensed every three years. Continuing education is necessary for recertification since many aspects of the industry are constantly changing. All licensed electricians in the state of Iowa take courses to maintain their skills and stay on top of the current trends. Within the three-years a license is good for, electricians must attend 18 Continuing Education Units, with at least six of those covering the most up-to-date electrical code.

For official licensing information, visit the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

Most electricians in the industry…
are classified as journeyman electricians. They’ve gone through an apprenticeship program through the Department of Labor and have either received a two-year degree in Electrical Technology or have studied under a Master Electrician for four years. On top of that, they’re required to have 8,000 hours of supervised experience and to pass a test to receive their license. At this level of experience, tasks such as installing outlets and fixtures, responding to service calls, and addressing breaker failures can all be done without supervision. They are also the primary teachers of many electrical apprentices.

At Deaver Electric…
we also employ master electricians who are qualified to supervise other electricians and work as a licensed contractor. It’s required that they have worked as a licensed journeyman for at least one year before getting licensed as a master electrician. They’ll likely be the ones you see designing electrical plans for a new home, interpreting blueprints, and driving large machinery on the job. Master electricians are also very knowledgeable in building codes and safety regulations as they can apply for electrical permits, so you can trust them to keep those factors in mind while working through your project.

Our wide range of experience and abilities…
allow us to take on many types of jobs — and complete them with the utmost expertise. From new commercial builds to residential service calls, our certified electricians are equipped to handle it all. No matter what kind of project you have, give us a call at 515-620-2629 or tell us more by filling out our contact form.

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