Historic & Old Home Electrical Rewiring

Most historic homes were built before computers, microwaves, and TVs existed and therefore, weren’t built to handle the amount of electricity they use. If you’ve come to the realization that your home can’t handle the electrical load, the wiring is a safety hazard, or it just needs to be brought up to wiring code, call Deaver Electric in Des Moines. Most homes need checked if they’re over 40 years old, have aluminum wiring instead of copper, have two-prong outlets that are not grounded, or if you’ve added new appliances that put additional strain on your system.

You can’t be careful enough…
when it comes to your home’s wiring. Fire departments in the U.S. respond to about 25,900 home electrical fires annually, meaning it’s nothing to take lightly. Keep a lookout for the following signs — and if you notice any, get an electrician to your house as soon as possible.

  • You often have blown fuses or tripped breakers

  • Light bulbs frequently burn out

  • You smell something burning

  • Switch plates, cords, and plugs are hot to the touch or discolored

  • Plugs do not fit into outlets

  • You get shocked when you plug in a cord

  • Lights dim or flicker occasionally

  • You hear buzzing or sizzling noises

  • You see sparks when plugging or unplugging cord

“We have used Deaver Electric’s services on several projects and have found them to be very thorough, timely, and, on occasion, have completed the work in less time than was estimated. In addition, one thing that left a good impression on us is that they cleaned up after they completed a project…no parts/pieces or dust/dirt was left.” – Alex and Darla M

Deaver specializes in old home wire replacement and updates, making their electrical systems safer and more reliable. If you’d like an estimate on a rewiring job, call us at 515-620-2629 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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