Teaching Children Electrical Safety

Teaching Children Electrical Safety

Teaching Children Electrical Safety

Apr 12, 2024

Electrical Safety for Children

Children many times don't understand the danger of electricity, so it's important to take steps to prevent the danger until they can take precautions themselves. Safety for a baby is relatively easy, as they are typically never left unattended. Still, utilizing protection like outlet plugs and hiding cords is very important.

Once your little one is big enough to have a talk about electrical safety, here are some key things to advise:

  • Never climb trees near power lines. Even if the lines aren't touching the tree, wind or weight could easily change that.

  • Fly kites and other aerial toys only during good weather conditions and in open areas.

  • Never climb a utility pole or tower - this could prove to be fatal.

  • Don't play on or around pad-mounted electrical equipment - these are often green metal box transformers on cement pads.

  • Never go into a substation for any reason - there is high-voltage equipment in these that could prove to be fatal. Should a pet or a toy make their way into these, call your utility for help.

  • Seek shelter if lighting is present when playing outside.

  • Never touch any electrical appliance or device while near water. If you're outside and it's wet, be cautious about what you touch. Bring in any electrical device if it starts to rain.

  • Stay away from downed power lines - call your utility should you encounter one.

As parents, there are many things we need to keep in mind as well:

  • If you are designing a tree house or outdoor play area for your kids, be thoughtful about the placement. Don't install playground equipment or pools underneath or near power lines. If your project requires digging, be sure to call 811 to ensure you won't hit a power line underground.

  • Ensure your home is up to code with GFCI outlets - all rooms with water present (kitchen, bathroom, basement, outdoors, etc.) has specific NEC guidelines on GFCI installation. This is for the protection of the homeowner and their family.

  • Inspect your devices, appliances and cords regularly. If there is any cord with fraying, it needs to be replaced, as these can cause immediate shock.

  • If your kids are old enough to be left alone, include the phone number for your local utility with other emergency numbers. If they encounter a downed power line or other hazard, they can call the utility immediately.

Children should be taught from an early age to respect electricity and the danger it carries! By instilling these guidelines, they will be sure to be kept safe from accidents and injuries.