Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

Mar 29, 2024

Under cabinet lighting provides many benefits to the homeowner. In addition to providing ambient lighting, it also illuminates whatever may be under those cabinets! We install under cabinet lighting anywhere you desire, but the main room in the home that gets this treatment is the kitchen. Without a light source, you'll often have dark zones under your cabinets, making chopping food or reading recipes more difficult. 

There are a few different options when considering under cabinet lighting. 

Battery Powered

Battery powered lights are a great option because they are a breeze to install. This is a project many homeowners can take on themselves, as the installation is as simple as mounting the light fixture and putting in the batteries. These can be found in many styles, including strips or puck lights. It's great to have these during a power outage, as they will keep your area illuminated. Batteries are also a drawback, however, as they will need regular replacing. 

Hardwired LED 

Hardwired LED lights are great because they are tied into your electrical system and can be utilized through a switch. This will require a professional, as you will need to tie your new lights into your existing wiring. Many homeowners utilize the LED tape, as it's flexible, affordable and durable. These can also be hooked up to a dimmer switch. Some homeowners opt for a remote control that allows them to operate the lights from a distance. 


This option is a good balance between the two above. These can be used wherever you have access to an outlet and you won't need to worry about replacing batteries. The only drawback to these is that it will take up at least one of your outlets. 

Under Cabinet lighting is aesthetically pleasing and offers a great range of functionality. Whether you're looking for a quote on LED tape or want to add an outlet for plug-ins, give us a call for a free estimate today!