Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips

May 23, 2024

It's that time of year! School is almost out, the days are growing hotter and outdoor time is about to be amplified! Many of the tips we think of have been with us since childhood - don't get your stereo wet, don't play near transformers, don't fly your kite into a power line! Here are some ideas beyond the basics to keep you and your family safe this summer. 

Check your outdoor outlets and wiring

Any outlet on the outside of your home should be a GFCI. This is a requirement for electrical code, and for good reason! GFCIs protect us from electrocution when there are surges of power. Additionally, these should have outdoor, weatherproof covers to prevent water from reaching the outlet. These also help protect little hands from any accidents. Any wiring that is ran outside your home should be in exterior-rated conduit to ensure protection from weather or critters. No exposed wires should ever be seen outside of the home. 

Use exterior rated electrical devices

Before using any products outdoors, check their rating to ensure they are up to par for outdoor usage. These exterior-rated products are designed to protect against UV damage, water and the increased wear that comes from being outside. Never use an indoor extension cord or power strip outdoors. 

Check your trees

Take a minute to check where your power lines are running into and around your home. If there are any nearby growing trees, it may be a good time to hire someone to trim those back to ensure there won't be risk in them falling into the power lines. This is a job for a professional - do not attempt to trim trees or bushes around power lines by yourself. 

Mind wet areas

Whether you have a pool or not, more outside time means water exposure. Be sure to keep appliances and devices away from your pool area or any area that may become wet. Keep electrical equipment at least 6 feet away from water and never touch any electrical devices when you are wet. If you are looking to install a pool, be sure to take the proper precautions before breaking ground. Pools need to be installed at a safe distance from overhead power lines. 

Call 811 before digging

This is the time of year for home improvement projects. If you will be digging for any project at all, it's important to call 811 before breaking ground. This prompts local utilities to come out and mark where their underground lines are so you don't accidentally damage or destroy utility lines. 

As always, Deaver Electric provides free estimates on any project! If you are unsure of your outdoor area's safety, give us a call today for an inspection to ensure the safety of you and your family.