Solar Storms and Power Outages - How to Prepare

Solar Storms and Power Outages - How to Prepare

Solar Storms and Power Outages - How to Prepare

May 15, 2024

Solar cycle 25 is officially here. As you've undoubtedly heard in the news this past week, several solar flares have caused blackouts around the county. This cycle is expected to peak in 2025. These intense currents can have severe impacts, damaging or taking out our infrastructure and interrupting the internet and other communications. The federal government is aware of this and has created a handbook on what agencies should do in the event of extreme solar weather! 

How to Prepare Your Power

While most scientists deny this cycle will lead to an "internet apocalypse," it's good to be prepared for what may occur during this period. Looking at uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and surge protection devices is a great way to avoid any damage that may come from losing power. 

A UPS is a system that can protect hardware. When power is interrupted, the UPS kicks in and supplies the necessary amount of power until longer-term emergency backup power is available. There are two main types of UPS-online and offline. An online system will automatically detect that power is no longer coming from the grid and switch to battery power. Offline or standby UPSs may experience a delay.

A sudden power surge can damage or destroy data servers if it's strong enough. A surge protector ensures this equipment is protected from spikes in energy. When a surge protection device detects a voltage surge, it responds immediately by diverting the excess energy away from the equipment. Ensure your chosen surge protector meets your requirements for the equipment in question. For more information on surge protection, see our blog here

Without some kind of surge protection built into your home's design, many experts recommend unplugging any sensitive devices or equipment if a storm is approaching. This is a sure fire way to ensure those items will not be damaged or destroyed in the event of a power surge. 

Preparing For an Emergency

Beyond preparing your electrical system to handle such an event, there are several things to consider for you and your family if a solar storm is on the horizon. The National Weather Service has a handy guide here on how to prepare. Here are the main suggestions:

  • Take time now to prepare an emergency kit so you aren't scrambling when it's go time.

  • Prepare an emergency plan that you and your family have practiced and understand. 

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