Office Lighting 101

Office Lighting 101

Office Lighting 101

Mar 12, 2024

The lighting in an office space is very important, as it can affect work performance and overall mood. There are several factors to consider when installing or upgrading lighting in the office. 

Natural Light

Whenever possible, natural light is the best choice for a primary light source. Large windows and doors that allow this natural light to come through will help boost the mood and energy of your employees. It's easier on the eyes and makes people feel more comfortable. 

Balancing Comfort and Brightness

Whatever lighting solutions you are interested in, be sure to capture a balance between brightness and comfort. Employees need to be able to see what they're doing adequately, so dim lighting is a poor choice. Dim lighting can cause eye strain, slow down productivity and drag down morale. Lights that are too bright can also have negative impacts, as it can also strain the eyes and cause headaches. Contacting Deaver Electric is a great place to start, as we can provide multiple options to reach the right level of brightness for your office. A lighting level between 500 and 1000 lux is recommended. 

Combining Light Sources

Optimal lighting will combine several types of lighting. Four categories of lighting should be included in your office for the best outcome. 

Natural lighting - light coming from ample windows and doors will provide a more comfortable space. If windows are limited in your space, ceiling lights can supplement this feeling. 

Task lighting - light from small lamps on one's desk can supplement natural and ambient lighting and help the employee to read whatever is on their desk. 

Corrective lighting - these are often placed behind computer monitors to reduce glare and shadows.

Mood lighting - also called accent lighting, this type is mostly for decorative purposes, but can be helpful illuminating any shadowy areas. 

Personal preference on style of lighting is very important, too. You can use lighting to create whatever atmosphere you're hoping to achieve in your office space. If you are upgrading your office space lighting situation, it's a great idea to get feedback from the employees who work there to see what their needs and preferences are. 

Be sure to get regular inspections on your office lighting to ensure even illumination. Take care of any issues like flickering lights or faulty switches immediately, as these not only hinder morale, they also can be the sign of a larger electrical issue. 

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