Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

Electrical Safety Tips for Winter

Nov 15, 2023

As we steadily approach winter, there are many things to do around the house to prepare, and we don’t want to leave electricity out of the picture! 

Check out our tips below to ensure safety and efficiency through the winter months. 

  • Safely store warm weather tools, like lawn mowers, etc. 

  • Check your cold weather tools for proper power before the season starts.

  • Unplug and safely store batteries and chargers that won't be in use again until spring.

  • Only use weatherproof electrical devices for outdoor activities. Protect your outdoor electrical devices from moisture. Keep leaves away from outdoor outlets, lighting and power cords.

  • Make sure electric blankets are in good condition-no cut, frayed or cracked cords. Never let pets sleep on an electric blanket.

  • Ensure you are utilizing any indoor heating elements properly, allowing sufficient space around the unit to avoid fire.

  • Don’t overload your outlets with holiday lights or other additional power you may need. All outlets should be cool to the touch. 

Seasonal home maintenance keeps equipment running efficiently and prevents unexpected breakdowns and higher-than-normal energy bills.