Common Electrical Myths

Common Electrical Myths

Common Electrical Myths

Apr 4, 2024

Here are some common myths about electricity:

A fallen wire will shut off or a live wire will make sparks when it falls

Both of these statements are not always true, so it's best to steer clear of any downed power lines. The live line will not necessarily make sparks when it makes contact, so don't use this as a guideline as to whether a fallen line is safe or not. Just because a line has fallen to the ground, does not mean the energy has stopped flowing. Downed lines can easily electrocute, so always stay at least 20 feet away. 

2. Wood is not a conductor

While wood isn't the best conductor, it certainly can carry a charge, especially if it's wet. Never count on wood to protect you from shock if you're handling live wires. 

4. Gloves and shoes are enough to protect from electrocution

Only 100% pure rubber can 100% insulate you from getting electrocuted. Most gloves and shoe soles are mixed with cheaper materials, so they can be conductors. 

5. If you turn something off, it won't use any energy

Even if you shut a device or appliance off, if it's still plugged in, it will pull some amount of electricity. There are some exceptions, like if a device has a "standby" mode. 

6. Household currents aren't strong enough to kill

Regardless of whether the electric current is in your home or out of it, all electricity should be treated with the same caution. Household electricity is responsible for hundreds of electrocutions and hundreds of deaths per year, so don't count it as safe. 

7. Power lines are insulated

90% of power lines aren't insulated, and even the ones that are could have lost insulation from a storm. This means they are never safe to touch for humans. 

  1. Only old wiring can go bad

New wiring can also go bad quickly after installation if it's not installed properly. Environmental factors can contribute to the degradation of wiring as well.

Electricity is dangerous and can be fatal! Leave your electrical issues to the professionals and give us a call today!