3 Ways to Save on Energy

3 Ways to Save on Energy

3 Ways to Save on Energy

May 3, 2024

Here are 3 easy ways to save big on your electricity bill throughout the year. All it takes is forming new habits, one day at a time, and the small changes you make will have dramatic impact on the cost of your electricity!

  1. Lighting

Lighting makes up 12% on average of a typical monthly utility bill. An easy fix to reducing this consumption is to switch your light bulbs to LED. Utilizing bulbs with an Energy Star label can save you around $75 per year on electricity. 

In addition to changing bulbs, make sure to turn the lights off in any room where they aren't being utilized. Use natural light during the day and shut off all lights. Integrating this habit into your daily routine can add up and lower your bill!

  1. Heating and Cooling

Your air conditioner and heater are the biggest user of energy in the home. The easiest fix here is to utilize your thermostat's timer to sync with when you are using your home and when you are not. For example, you can set it to raising or lowering the temperature by 5-10 degrees when you're sleeping or at work. If this is done for 8+ hours, it can lower your annual heating and cooling costs by 10%! 

Another thing to note is working in the kitchen can cause big fluctuations in your home's temperature. Make sure your freezer and refrigerator are shut and sealed tightly when not in use. When baking, try to avoid opening the oven to peek at your goodies, as this can raise your entire home's temperature and require a longer baking time. 

  1. Water

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average homeowner can save up to $170 per year by making small changes to how they use water. When brushing your teeth or shaving, turn the water off. Take shorter showers or cooler showers. When washing clothes, it's more energy efficient to use cooler water rather than warm or hot. It's estimated that 10% of energy is used to run your machines and 90% is used to heat the water in your system. 

By making these few small changes, you will see big results in your annual electric bill!