Green Technology

Going green isn’t just a social or environmental move, it’s also a financial move. Not to mention some of the coolest lightning technology is green, too!


Have you seen some of cool stuff you can do to your rooms with LED lightning? Deaver Electric can install Smart, LED lighting that can change the colors of your room to thousands of color combinations, all via an app on your SmartPhone. The lighting can change with your mood, theme of your party, and even sync and strobe with music or gaming.


Standard LED Lightbulbs will last more than 30 years in most residential use, they’re energy star qualified, mercury free, and cool to the touch. Their warm look also gives your home an updated look, while saving you money with their vastly improved energy efficiency.

LED under cabinet lighting and LED step lighting are also some of our favorite ways to update the look of your home.

LED Tape Lighting

LED tape lighting is the best solution for under cabinet lighting, but has many other attractive applications as well – decks, ponds, gardens and more!  LED Tape Lighting has many benefits, but what really sets it apart is it’s low maintenance, energy efficiency and longevity.    It also stays cooler than other applications, is extremely thin and flexible, is dimmable and instantaneous, and has a variety of color options as well as a waterproof option.

LED Step Lighting

LED Step Lights as an alternative to other applications provides brighter light, last longer, is more energy efficient, is low maintenance, and is cool to the touch. 


Every business owner is interested in saving money. New LED lighting can be retrofitted to your existing structures, and can even replacing those boring, outdated, and uninspiring fluorescent lights. LED lighting can drastically reduce your energy consumption and give your business a clean, updated, and professional look without making a major investment.

For your next commercial project, consider our lighting design specialties too. From LED step lighting to bold and innovative design and style, Deaver Electric will give your business an unparalleled look and feel – all done with signature lighting and style as unique as your business. Contact us to arrange a custom lighting quote and bid for your office or new commercial project.

Total Light Control

LED Step Lights as an alternative to other application provides brighter light, last longer, is more energy efficient, is low maintenance, and is cool to the touch.