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Des Moines Electrical Panel Upgrades

Protect Your Property & Employees with a Commercial Panel Upgrade

Do you frequently have to turn off one appliance to use another? Are you constantly resetting the circuit breaker? Have you experienced flickering lights? These are all signs that you may have an old and worn electrical panel that needs to be inspected by a licensed electrical repair company in Des Moines.

Electrical Panel Requirements Have Changed Over the Years

Older commercial facilities may be in need of panel upgrades since the power requirements have changed over the last few decades. Advances in technology and high-powered gadgets have increased the electrical requirements for businesses. Upgrades are needed to improve the functionality and safety of your building's system. If you are in need of electrical panel upgrades for your commercial property in the Des Moines area, you can count on Deaver Electric Inc. to deliver reliable service. No matter the scope of your panel upgrade project, Deaver Electric Inc. is your electrical contractor of choice when it comes to protecting your property and employees.

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Protect Your Commercial Electrical Panel from Danger

Your panel plays a crucial role in providing electricity to your business's equipment. Since businesses depend on a large selection of electronic equipment to operate efficiently, you need to be sure that your electrical panels are properly functioning and compliant. Our team of professional electricians at Deaver Electric Inc. can inspect your property to ensure that your electrical panel complies with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Dilapidated electrical panels can cause dangers to your property, customers, and employees resulting from electrical shock and fire.

Be Aware of the Signs & Take Action

If you notice signs of obsolete electrical panels or malfunctioning components, you should seek professional assistance immediately. Not only will a professionally managed panel upgrade supply your business with reliable electricity but you will also have an increased level of safety and convenience.

Here are a few signs that you should contact a professional repair company to assess your business electrical panel:

  • Your building panel is more than 25 years old
  • Your current panel is made by a brand that is no longer on the market due to safety issues
  • Rust appears on the electrical panel
  • Multiple extension cords are frequently needed
  • You hear crackling, humming, or fizzing sounds emitted from the panel
  • Your business requires a 240-volt circuit
  • Electrical wires are melting and appear worn
  • Your businesses uses a fuse block and the fuses frequently blow
  • Lights are flickering and you constantly have to restore power

Safe & Convenient Panel Upgrades Are a Call Away

Our Des Moines electrical repair professionals at Deaver Electric Inc. can upgrade the electrical panel in your business, resolving electrical problems and emergencies before they occur. We'll make sure you can identify where the electrical panel is and educate you on the proper maintenance requirements for your panel upgrade. You won't have to worry about poor wire installations and incorrect power supply usage. We have over 12 years of professional experience will help all of your business power needs to keep your employees safe.

If you're seeking reliable electrical repair professionals in Des Moines, give Deaver Electric Inc. a call at (515) 414-7995 for a free quote.

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